• 国外进口,性能稳定可靠。

• 环境适应性强;

• 运动性能好、图像数据通讯能力强。

• 操作简易;


Standard Platform

Size Width:  45 cm (18 in)

Length: 108 cm (42.5 in)  

Height: 82 cm (32 in)

Weight Standard 113 kg (230 lb); Max. with accessories 150 Kg (330 lb)

Speed 0 – 3.2 Km/h (0 – 2.0 Mph)

Drive Two-tracks; Two 48 V drive motors

Tracks Width 9.25 cm (3.64 in) 

Climbing ability 45 on stairs and slopes; Obstacle height: 20 cm (7.9 in)

Manoeuvrability 360 turn in 1.15 m (45 in) diameter circle; Allows turning while driving

Battery pack 48 V removable four Gel-Cell batteries; 10 Ah, Operation: 3 - 5 hrs before re-charging batteries

Battery Charger 110/220VAC input smart charger, 2 hrs on-board charging 

External Power Supply 48V DC external power supply; allows continuous operation of the vehicle without battery

Lights Halogen/LED light on front of platform

Audio Speaker and Microphone

On-board processor Rugged electronics capable of withstanding all-terrain operations indoors and outdoors

Environment Operational temperature range –20 to +40C; humidity up to 95% (25C); Storage temperature range -20 to 50C; Operates in all types of weather conditions, day and night, and various types of wet and dry surfaces 


Manipulator Arm

Reach Vertical: 2.54 m (100 in)  from ground

Horizontal: 1.96 m (77.2 in)  from edge of platform

                   2.02 m (79.5 in)  from pivot

Lift capability 10.0 kg (22.0 lb)   with arm fully extended

Turret Rotates arm about vertical axis (200)

Shoulder Rotates arm about horizontal axis (240)

Elbow Rotates forearm about horizontal axis (310)

Wrist Pitch Rotates wrist about a horizontal axis (+/- 100)

Wrist Roll Rotates the gripper continuously about its longitudinal

Gripper Opening 20 cm (8.0 in); Max. grip force 12 kg (25 lb.)

Gripper Light Halogen/LED light

Gripper Camera Colour; wide angle; 300:1 Zoom; auto iris; Halogen/LED light


Drive Colour; wide-angle; auto-iris

Gripper Colour; wide angle; 300:1 Zoom; auto iris; Halogen/LED light

Relocatable Colour; wide-angle; auto iris

Surveillance Colour; remote zoom (300:1); remote focus; auto iris; Pan +/- 2700; Tilt +/- 1700

Night Vision

Infrared camera Small waterproof IR camera with LED illumination for 10 feet in total darkness for enhanced low-light vision as per request

Infrared illuminator External illumination unit for longer distance can be added as per request

Thermal camera Thermal camera can be equipped as per request

Disruptor Firing Control

Firing channels 4 channel firing control, 24VDC 3-Amp/each channel with redundant safety features.

Location 2 on the arm and 2 on the platform

Multiple-channel trigger Multiple firing circuits can be triggered simultaneously

Laser Pointer Laser-pointer assembly, visible in sunshine

Indication LEDs on vehicle and OCU for “OFF”, “ARMED or “FIRED” status


Wireless RF

links 2-way Data & Audio, 1-way Video

Wireless Distance 3280 ft (1000 m) line of sight; 1312 ft (400 m) urban; 164 ft (50 m) indoors

RF Frequency 155MHz for audio, 900MHz for data, 2.4GHz for video

Antenna High gain Omni-direction antennas on vehicle and directional antennas on OCU

COFDM Real time COFMD for video optional as per request


fibre Optical link 2-way Data & Audio, 1-way Video

fibre length 656 ft (200+ m); multimode simplex fiber optical cable

Cable Reel Cable Reel Free wheel unwind & manual rewind


Size 54 cm x 40 cm x 30 cm (21.25 in x 15.75 in x 11.8 in)

Weight 22.5 kg (50.0 lb)

Monitor 15” and 7” High resolution sunlight readable touch screens

Display Quad or single cameras images, battery status, firing status, diagnostics  

Controls Control Panel with programmable joysticks and switch to control all robot functions

Battery 14.8V Li-polymer battery, 20Ah for 4hr+ operation

Charger 110/220VAC input smart charger

External Power External Power supply 110/220VAC for long time operation

OCU Case Portable and weatherproof enclosure

Handheld OCU

Size 26 cm x 17 cm x 15 cm (10.2 in x 6.7 in x 5.9 in)

Weight 0.8 kg (1.75 lb)

Display 25 cm (10 in) touch screen control

Wireless range 100ft

Duration Operates 8 hours with batteries


Option and Accessories

Disrupter mount With quick-connect mechanism and manually adjustable tilt angle

Dual disrupter mount Mount for two disrupters

Disrupter aiming and firing Pan and tilt unit; direct laser aiming; resolution +/- 0.5 mm at 3 m range (+/- 0.02” at 10’)

Disrupter Any make

Laser-pointer assembly For Disrupter or Shotgun visible in sunshine

X-ray mount With quick connect mechanism

X-rays Selected models

Shut gun mount A mounting assembly for selected shut gun

Shut gun Selected models

Window breaker assembly Assembly used to break windows of cars and homes, and doors

Drop charge reel Assembly of low friction reel that can lay down up to 49 ft (15 m) of wire

Cordless tools Drills and saws connected to the gripper and actuated remotely


Manual User & Maintenance Manual and Technical Reference Manual are provided

Maintenance Kit A set of tools and components for maintenance

Spare battery pack Vehicle battery replacement

Spare parts A set of components and subassemblies for replacement



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